John carelessly lobbing cleaning products at various things.
~ Wednesday, December 21 ~

Oh yeah! The template!

Here’s the transparent template if you’d like to submit!

(Trust me, it’s transparent, his arm is just ghostly white!)

So if you’d like to submit, I’m totally taking em.

So submit.


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John throwing buckets at the double corpse smooch combo!

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~ Monday, December 19 ~

Hey guys, quick apology.

Tonight & tomorrow are going to be a sloooooooow day. I left my laptop at my boyfriend’s house (whoops). So I’m on the desktop. It doesn’t have photoshop or any editing software whatsoever, also whoops.

This will be back up & running tomorrow, & there are a handful of what the hell are you guys thinking requests to fill. Don’t worry, I’ll get to all of them!


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When you guys request Homestuck pages,

It’d be really nice if you could try to find the page or at least the general area/act. Sometimes google images decides it hates me & won’t yield such specific results.

So if you can, please try to provide the page number, but if not, that’s alright! I’ve been pretty good at finding them so far. It’s just that when you provide the page number, it makes the bucket lobbing go a lot faster.

And we all know we like our bucket lobbing fast.

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Slick riding in the bucket being thrown— with a special appearance from Ace Dick!

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Oh my god what

(these will get done, I just— what)

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John throwing a bucket at Karkat thinking about Jade & Jadespri—

oh my god

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This has already been done but I’ll do it again.

P.S. You have to click the third one to see it.

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~ Sunday, December 18 ~
Now it’s a party.

Now it’s a party.

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